Very few plants grow in the tundra.
Lichens, mosses, Sedges, Devernnia Forbs, Dwarfed Shurbs, (Often heaths, but also birches and willows.

Arctic Moss

Genus: Calliergon
Species: Giganteum

The calliergon giganteum grows in the arctic tundra which is a harsh cold enviroment in the Northern Hemisphere within the arctic circle. The calliergon giganteum is an aquatic plant found growing on the bottom of tundra lake beds and in and around bogs and fens.


A lichen consists of a specific alga and a specific fungus in a symbiotic relationship that makes them act as a single plant.


Arctic Fox
Common Names: Polar Fox, White Fox
Genus: Lagopus
The Arctic fox (Alopex lagopus) makes its home in small burrows in frost-free ground, often in low mounds, or in rock piles. Because the Arctic fox is a scavenger it can usually find food to eat. Sometimes the fox will follow Polar bears or other predators and feed off the remains they leave behind

Polar Bear

There are many different organisms living in the Arctic Tundra that have special adaptations to assist in their survival. The polar bear is well adapted to the tundra enviroment. It has a layer of fat underneath its skin that is 3 inches thick. This provides warmth for the bear in the extreme weather conditions.