Summer in Alpine Tundra

Summers get to temperatures around 10° Celsius.Unlike Arctic tundra, Alpine tundra has a more moderate climate, that varies with the altitude and latitude of the location. The higher the altitude, the colder the temperature becomes. At around 15,000ft above sea level, it is as if you were 10° more north latitude then the latitude you are actually at.The tundra is a very cold and dry biome. January temperatures can vary from -20° to -30°.

Arctic Tundra in Winter

The tundra is extremely similar to the dry deserts. The tundra receives a mere 25 cms of precipitaion per year. The most precipiation that falls is snow, that falls during the tundras long winters. Alpine tundra does get more precipiation than Arctic tundra, but the precipitation falls down the slopes.

The tundra has two main seasons: Very cold long winters, and cool summers. The winters can get to temperatures as low as -70° Celcius. Summers get to temperatures around 10° Celsius.